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ASAC (Advanced Semiconductor Association Corporation) is a well-known semiconductor refurbishment company and has been working hard in each field since the company was founded.

ASAC is committed to the needs of their customers under the management concept of the best quality and best service.

ASAC has great engineers who can provide the technical support of 200mm and 300mm equipment. Their 200mm equipment careers include UNITY 2E Series (PE/IEM/DRM/SCCM) and UNITY ME Series (DRM/SCCM). And they have 300mm equipment careers that include TELIUS Series (DRM/SCCM) and TACTRAS Series (VIGUS/VESTA). Our engineers have high technical skills and their careers range from 7 years to 23 years.

We are not resting on our laurels and we are trying to satisfy our customers with advanced technology. We are proud of our engineers' skills and quality. We promise that will continue to work hard to achieve customer satisfaction.

Please keep an eye on ASAC and give us lots of love and attention.